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                                               " Personal Conflicts can lead to positive change."                  


                  "  Bravery consists of dealing with your feelings, not running away from them. "                                                     


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Jared Kreisberg is a licensed psychotherapist who provides upscale, concierge psychotherapy to individuals and families at their homes in select cities within Broward County, Florida. 


Personalized psychotherapy house calls are being offered for adults, children and families. Aside from the convience of being at your home, in-home counseling is the preferred method as it provides important information regarding family dynamics that otherwise would not be available within a standard office setting. This is especially important when working with children, families and for marriage counseling. Sessions are all about you. They are designed to help you work through current unresolved issues, whether it be on an individual or family basis, in order to achieve an overall sense of personal well being.  


Not only is traditional psychotherapy utilized, but also non traditional psychotherapy techniques. For example, for the child or teen who may be resistant to counseling, Jared integrates sports such as playing football, tennis, etc into the session to assist with building rapport and non competitive play. For someone who is obese, integrating walking into the session could be an option. For people who have severe social anxiety, Jared goes with his patients to social settings to gradually work on dealing with and reducing anxiety levels.

"My main objective is to assist in providing people with increased self awareness and insight into their current underlying issues. When we as people begin to see ourselves more clearly, our relationships improve and daily conflicts become easier to deal with as we become more honest with ourselves and those around us. Each person presents with their own personal life experiences and struggles. For many of us, patterns that previously served us well become habit and interfere with personal growth. Sessions focus on identifying these patterns, identifying contributing factors, and offering alternative solutions while challenging you to improve your overall sense of well being. Remember, we all need to recognize and adjust aspects of ourselves in order to allow change to occur. And even though at times this is not easy, it is necessary in order to maintain an emotionally healthy human being."


 I travel and provide in home counseling services to Weston, Florida. I travel to your home. I travel as far east as Ft Lauderdale, FL, as far north as parkland and boca raton, and as far south as miramar and aventura FL. Obviously the surrounding areas are Plantation FL, Hollywood FL, Cooper City, Pembroke Pines, Davie, Sunrise, and Coral Springs. I meet with adults, children and families. I treat mood disorders, severe anxiety, social phobias, depression, severe depression, substance abuse and work with couples who are in need of marriage counseling. When working with children, I encourage the family to be involved for family counseling. I've worked along side the school board for ten years and have treated children and teens displaying anything from depression, anxiety, ADHD, to oppositional defiance. I serve all of Broward County Florida. 


If you need a skilled and compassionate psychologist in Plantation, Florida (FL) you should contact Broward Counseling Services. Broward Counseling Services has an expert psychologist and even offers in-home psychotherapy for the ultimate convenience and comfort. The goal at Broward Counseling Services is to make counseling more available and convenient for adults, adolescents, and children. If it’s easier and more comfortable for you to see a psychologist and/or mental health counselor then the odds are much higher that you will seek such treatment.If you would like to see a child psychologist or family psychologist in Plantation, FL call Broward Counseling Services  psychologists in ft lauderdale, child counselors in ft lauderdale, psychologist in ft lauderdale fl, psychologists fort lauderdale florida psychologist in aventura, child counseling aventura fl, psychologists aventura florida, mental health counselors aventura florida, marriage counseling ft lauderdale, marriage counseling aventura florida, marriage counselors weston florida, child therapist weston florida, drug addiction therapist weston florida, drug addiction therapist south florida, addiction counselors south florida, addiction counselors weston florida, concierge therapy, psychologists for adhd, psychotherapy in weston florida, psychotherapy in aventura florida, psychotherapist in weston florida, psychotherapist in aventura florida, psychotherapist in weston fl, psychotherapist in aventura fl, mental health counselors in weston florida, mental health counselors in aventura florida, mental health counselors in ft lauderdale florida, mental health counselors ft lauderdale fl, psychologists for depression, psychologists for anxiety, family psychologiststoday, they want to help you: 954-895-7243.

We have caring psychologists who care about you. One psychologist specializes in depression, anxiety, social phobias, and mood disorders. The other psychologist specializes in substance abuse and anger management. We offer the best psychologists and for the best results. Psychologists often deal with any sort of mood condition along with those who simply want personal growth. Everything discussed with a psychologist is confidential, unless court ordered or you express the intent to harm yourself or someone else. Our psychologists vary in expertise but are all highly skilled to meet your needs. Everyone can benefit from seeing a psychologist at one point or another.

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